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package mold

import ""


Package Files


type Mold Uses

type Mold struct {
    HTMLTemplate string //html template string
    HTMLPath     string //html template file path

    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Mold model

func NewHTMLTemplate Uses

func NewHTMLTemplate(tmpl ...string) (m *Mold, err error)

NewHTMLTemplate will create new return new html template mold

func (*Mold) Bytes Uses

func (m *Mold) Bytes() []byte

Bytes will return bytes from mold buffer

func (*Mold) Execute Uses

func (m *Mold) Execute(data interface{}) (err error)

Execute will execute the template

func (*Mold) PDF Uses

func (m *Mold) PDF(path, name string) (err error)

PDF will create pdf

func (*Mold) String Uses

func (m *Mold) String() string

String will return string from mold buffer



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