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package ast

import "github.com/DeedleFake/wdte/ast"

Package ast provides the parser for WDTE.


Package Files

ast.go doc.go node.go tokenstack.go

type Epsilon Uses

type Epsilon struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

An Epsilon is a special terminal which represnts a non-action.

func (Epsilon) Children Uses

func (e Epsilon) Children() []Node

func (Epsilon) Parent Uses

func (e Epsilon) Parent() Node

type NTerm Uses

type NTerm struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

An NTerm is a Node that represents a non-terminal. NTerms are always parent nodes.

func (*NTerm) AddChild Uses

func (nt *NTerm) AddChild(n Node)

AddChild adds a child to the right-hand side of the NTerm's list of children.

func (NTerm) Children Uses

func (nt NTerm) Children() []Node

func (NTerm) Name Uses

func (nt NTerm) Name() string

Name returns the name of the non-terminal, minus the surrounding `<` and `>`.

func (NTerm) Parent Uses

func (nt NTerm) Parent() Node

type Node Uses

type Node interface {
    // Parent returns the Node's parent, or nil if it is the root node.
    Parent() Node

    // Children returns the node's children in left-to-right order.
    Children() []Node

A Node represents a node of the AST.

func Parse Uses

func Parse(r io.Reader, macros scanner.MacroMap) (Node, error)

Parse parses a full script, returning the root node of the AST.

type ParseError Uses

type ParseError struct {
    Line, Col int
    Err       error

A ParseError is returned if an error happens during parsing.

func (ParseError) Error Uses

func (err ParseError) Error() string

type Term Uses

type Term struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

A Term is a Node that represents a terminal, such as a string or a keyword. Terms are always leaf nodes.

func (Term) Children Uses

func (t Term) Children() []Node

func (Term) Parent Uses

func (t Term) Parent() Node

func (Term) Tok Uses

func (t Term) Tok() scanner.Token

Tok returns the scanner token that the node was generated from.



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